Personal Statement



I am an accomplished technology manager with wide range of experience in the software product implementations and operations. Currently, I hold the office of the Vice President of a Virtualization Solutions based in Los Angeles. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Technology, I moved to Washington DC in the metro area and spent five years as technology consultant, software developer and in certain situations, a programmer analyst.

 From developing and analyzing various software and programs to my current IS&T management role at Virtualization Solutions, a lot of transformational changes have occurred. I have seen how technology has transformed the firm’s businesses and also how it have increased the access to the millions of customers worldwide. From huge commercial businesses to the individual receiving of packages from homesteads. Extensive technology is utilized to ensure all these transactions occur successfully. This views IS&T career as not only ever changing but also extremely rewarding.

  I have since spent my past five years in the management position more so in early stage software development firms to help give strong foundations to the IT firms. Also, I have acted as a co-founder of a software startup. To some capacity, I operate as a technology journalist providing commentary on varied range of career topics on management and software development with the ever evolving world and compiling online paper writing services lists. This is owed from the fact that in addition to my BS in Information System and Technology from Temple University, I hold a MS in Information Technology Management from Johns Hopkins. This has always given me an upper hand when it comes to management of IT related positions. My motivation in the IT field has been and remains that even with the changing world and technologies, the basic principles are the same in any technology.